Monday, March 18, 2013

Scoot Games

I love SCOOT! games so much, and so do my students.  The idea is that each student starts with one card from the set in front of them.  The teacher gives them about a minute to answer the question on a recording sheet, then yells, "Scoot!"  When yelled, all students stand and move over one spot to do the next question.  They keep going until they are done all the cards. 

Because I have a split grade class, and only five students in grade 4, we don't play in the traditional way.  We tried once, but my lower student struggled and got frustrated at not haivng enough time to complete the questions, while the faster students were done and getting bored with waiting to move.  So instead, I either put the cards all over the room and they have to find and answer them, or I throw them all over the rug at the front of the class and they go at it.  This works well, because once the faster students are done, they know to go and do our Math Build Stations, so no one is waiting around for something to do.

SCOOT!  Time Game - Putting the Hands on the Clock            SCOOT!  Time Game - Word Edition             SCOOT!  Adding 2-digit Numbers with Regrouping
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