Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Poor Deer!

I took the kids out for recess and there was a deer lost inside the basketball court.  Poor thing, couldn't remember how it got in. 
It panicked for a minute, then figured it out, but not before I got some pictures.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Math Poems

I just got this new book in the mail from Amazon:
And the grade 2's and 3's wrote Measurement Poems based on the ones inside while the grade 4's wrote Fraction poems. 
Here they are: 


KidBlog is Awesome!

So as I said before, I finished a 2-week course on Blogging, courtesy of PLP which is something I had never heard of before.  But it was crazy - there were teachers from Australia, the US, all over the world.

Anywho, after taking it I started my class and the other class on their own blogs through KidBlog which is super easy to set up and perfect for little uns - junior high. 

So far, the kids seem to love making new posts and are learning to tag their posts, get new avatars and themes for their blogs and make thoughtful comments and questions on each other's blogs.  I love it!

You can check out our Blog by clicking {HERE}

Lazy Snow Days

Okay, okay, I know I've been slacking on the blogging lately.  But really, I have a whole list of excuses, so here you go:

1)  Winter is here.  Still.  I know, it's the end of April, and we are getting so much snow even today that the buses didn't come to school and we have no students, thus why I have time to blog now.  But I am sososososo sick of the white stuff.

2)  I've been teaching full-time again, now that my Student Teacher is gone, and it's a lot of work!  I want her back.

3)  With teaching more I've been making more products to use to go with my lessons, therefore my TPT store is growing like crazy and that takes a lot of time.

4)  My internet at home is a stick.  Like an expensive, pay-for-every-little-thing-you-do stick that likes to cut out a lot and not work a lot.  Therefore, doing anything on the internet is a pain in the patootie.

5)  I've been doing lots of Webinars like my normal ones for being Literacy Lead and an ECS teacher, as well as tech webinars.  I just finished a course on Blogging which was cool, and now starting 21st Century Lesson Plans tonight and Google Docs on Thursday.

But I'm back!  And will try to blog more.  I've got LOADS of pics to share from the last month.  Fun, fun, fun.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Treasure Map Measurement

This treasure map measurement has a recording sheet for cms or inches included.

Have students estimate and record the length of each path using string and a ruler to figure out which path would lead to treasure!

I've put it FREE on my TPT store for 24 hours, but I'll leave it FREE here for 3 days, till Friday April 5th.  PLEASE comment if you enjoyed it!

Click on the picture to download for free!

Treasure Map Measurement - FREE for 24 hours!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Different Languages, Anyone?

Who knew French Immersion followed by 7 years of French in a private school, completed by being a French Coordinator for a school would one day come in handy?!?

Then there's taking first year of Spanish in university, and now living in an area where Cree is the second language.

What can I say, I've always been pretty good at picking up languages (not to brag...) but I've started creating resources in different languages, finally posted the Cree package of Brown Bear and decided I might as well change it to French, and while I'm at it, make some months of the year headings. 

Ahhhh.. now to make some resources I wil actually use this spring, like some measuring, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, and bug stuff! 

Gotta love Spring Break!

Mix-and-Match Poetry

It's Poetry Month!  To celebrate I made 2 different sets of mix-and-match poetry, one for grade 3-6 and one for grade 6-12.  The idea is that each student gets a sheet of paper with words on it that have been cut up.  They rearrange the words to make a poem that they can then glue on a sheet or write onto paper.

For a FREE TEASER click {HERE}