Friday, March 22, 2013

Haiku Poems by Grade 2-4

Well, my lovely student teacher was sick today so I actually had to teach!  Ah!  And there were only 6 kids from grade 2-4, because some are away and everyone is getting this flu bug that is going around.

Knowing that the kids have been working on poetry with the student teacher, I decided we would do one of my favourites:  Haikus.

I showed them examples and we looked at the syllable patterns in the three lines and talked about the content before each student wrote their own.  I am so proud of them because EVERYONE wrote one! 

They told me I could put them on my blog so here they are:

The Sky
by Logan
The very blue sky
Is always standing up high
It never moves down
The Fish
by Leland
The fish swimming in
The big ocean that is blue
The freezing fish swim


by Alexis
Owls fly at night
The owls hunt at nighttime
They don't give a hoot
The Bright Night Sky
by Layne

The stars flickering
in the bright night sky always
shining bright at night
The Bear Fishing
by Shanda
One day a bear is
fishing for fish at the blue
lake he caught two fish
The Shark
by Ash
One big blue shark swims
in the big saphire ocean
with wide open jaws
by Ash
Many stars at night
in the big blue sky of light
at the nights' mercy

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