Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Egg CVC Words

Ok, so I've been busy making Easter Egg word families, cvc words and math today, and want to give the cvc words for free!

Here are the two I've made:
The first one has 21 slides full of different CVC words.  The idea is that the students can mix-and-match the eggs to make different words - as long as they make real words and are sounding them out!
There are 10 slides with words written on them, then 10 blank slides for you to write your own words on.  You could even put consonant blends/digraphs or vowel blends on the egg shells if you want to make it more challenging.  For older students, you could even write prefixes and suffixes on the bottom and top of the egg shells!  So many possibilities!

Click {HERE} to download the first

The second was just a quick make - only a handful of slides to match the egg shells and make -at words.

That one is {HERE}

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