Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alphabet Upper and Lower Case Matching

I've been dying all year to figure out how to create my own TPT resources, not necessarily to make money, but just because I want to know how to create resources I would actually want to use in the classroom that the students would enjoy using, and also to save my pennies (or nickels, now, I guess), because I tend to spend lots on TPT stuff. 

So I've been reading up on blogs, and checking out free fonts and clip art, and trying to figure out the rules for using said fonts and clip art, and I've finally done it! 

Hee hee hee!  {evil cackling laughter}

I've created 2 Alphabet match games that are on my TPT store, one featuring ladybugs and the other has bumble bees.  I'm pretty proud of myself, and am now kind of hooked on this stuff, so expect more in the near future.

Ladybug Alphabet Match    Ladybug Alphabet Match                                           Alphabet Letter Match - Bee Theme     Alphabet Letter Match - Bee Theme

Get them here.

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