Sunday, May 5, 2013

Leprechaun Stories - by the Grade 2/3's

The Lost Gold
by LaShaye

The funny leprechaun and his bucket of gold were playing outside on a snowy day.  The funny leprechaun went inside to get hot chocolate then he came out of the house and his gold was gone.  He said, "Oh no!"  The funny leprechaun went upstairs and looked under the bed, and the gold was not there, so he went back down stairs and looked on the couch, and it was not there.  The funny leprechaun went outside and he looked in the backyard, and it was not there.  Then he went back inside and he went upstairs and the gold was there.  Then the leprechaun was so happy.  The funny leprechaun wanted to go outside to play so the funny leprechaun put the sparkly gold under the bed then the funny leprechaun went outside on a sunny day and he went to the swing.

Frank the Leprechaun
by Logan
It was a bright morning and Frank was running with his pot of gold.  Then the next morning he looked for his pot of gold.  Frank was sad he didn't find it.  Frank was not happy because he lost his gold.  Frank was worried because of his shiny gold.  Frank looked at the bar and Frank didn't find his gold.  "I can't believe I went in the bar," whispered Frank.  He felt frustrated.  Then Frank found his gold.  The Frank said, "Gold, gold, " and felt better.  He looked through the front door.  Frank said, "My gold, my gold."  Frank said it two times his face looked yellow.  Frank was very happy.  Then he went back to his house to drink a bear potion to make him bigger.  When he drank, his face looked heavy.  Then Logan came then Frank and Logan were fighting because they hated each other.  Then Logan won the fight and that's the end.
The Gold
by Leland
One sunny day Leland the leprechaun went outside with his gold.  He went inside to get a glass of water.  "Oh no," yelled Leland, "I can not find my gold.  I should look for it."  He was enraged.  "Have you seen my gold?"
"No," cried the flower slowly.  The flower was curious. 
But Leland kept walking.  Maybe it is under a miniature tree.  No it is not.  My gold is still missing, he thought.  "Now I think I'm near to my gold," agonized Leland.  "I found my gold, yeah!" yelled Leland.  The gold was behind the tree.  Leland was upbeat because he found his gold.  Leland picked up his gold and he brought it home and he was happy.

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