Monday, April 1, 2013

Different Languages, Anyone?

Who knew French Immersion followed by 7 years of French in a private school, completed by being a French Coordinator for a school would one day come in handy?!?

Then there's taking first year of Spanish in university, and now living in an area where Cree is the second language.

What can I say, I've always been pretty good at picking up languages (not to brag...) but I've started creating resources in different languages, finally posted the Cree package of Brown Bear and decided I might as well change it to French, and while I'm at it, make some months of the year headings. 

Ahhhh.. now to make some resources I wil actually use this spring, like some measuring, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, and bug stuff! 

Gotta love Spring Break!

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